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Starlight Prayers [entries|friends|calendar]
Pretty Guardian Roleplaying Game

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Signing Off [20 Apr 2007|05:29pm]

Okay guys, I think we're dead in the water. Honestly, it's been an awesome time for when we were active. I had a fantastic time playing Rei, Nephrite, etc, but it's difficult to keep this game rolling when I'm playing a third of the characters, Hane is playing the other third, you guys have the rest - and everyone rarely posts (myself included).

I like where we were going with the story, but it's become more of a chore than a joy to play this game, now that I have to chase people around (also including myself, I mean damn, how many characters do I have now?) I haven't watched PGSM in quite awhile, and much as I absolutely adore the show, it's gotten fuzzy in my mind, which affects my confidence in how I play these characters.

So I'm just gonna go ahead and close the doors, rather than just letting it sit up here indefinitely. Thanks for the fun guys, really, truly, I had a blast.


[30 Mar 2007|12:26pm]

Makoto flew up the steps and only stoped when she realised she didn't  know which door was his.
 "What number?" she turned around and called down the the others.

Nephrite took the steps two at a time, and zipped right past Makoto to the door he'd memorized as belonging to Mamoru.
 He tried the door and found that, much to his annoyance, it was locked. He growled and yanked on it again, then banged his fists against the wood.
 "Open up!"

Makoto grabbed the man's hand and gave him a stern glare.
 "We need his help, not to scare him to death."
 She knocked on the door much less like a policleman breaking down the door of a criminal.
 "Mamoru, Usagi needs your help."  She informed him through the door.

Ami trailed them up the stairs and stood behind them, trying to see around the two very tall people.  


Serenity [05 Mar 2007|06:17pm]

She floated around the building, peering in windows looking for Endymion. She saw plenty of people who weren't him. There was the child watching television, a woman shaving her legs, an otaku engaged in his own internet perversions... but not a sign of Endymion.

She floated lower, making another round but still without luck. Then, a few floors down, he poked his head out over the edge of a near by balcony. She moved to the balcony above his own, landing on the ledge and sitting there.

A small child came out onto the balcony behind her. A little girl. She tapped her on the back and Serenity turned around.

"What are you doing?"

She considered not responding, ignoring the babe. The question and the child were innocent and didn't deserve it though.

"I'm thinking."

"Thinking? About what?"

How to answer that question. She couldn't tell the child what she was really thinking about...

"Love, mostly."

"Ahhh." The little girl stood there, staring at her. "How did you get up there? It's dangerous, my Mama says so."

She sighed heavily. Children were full of questions. "I flew up. It's not dangerous for me, but it would be for you so your Mama is right."

"You can fly!? Cool!" The little girl came up beside her now, grinning. "Will you take me flying?"

"Sorry, but I have something very important to do." The child looked at her sadly, pouting and turning to go back inside. Serenity sighed again. Were all children this much trouble? "Listen, if I do what I need to do... if I can, I'll come back and take you flying, okay?"

"Really!? Promise?"

"Yes, but don't tell your Mama about this. She'll think you're crazy." She smiled for what felt like the first time in a thousand years. The girl nodded but came back to her.

"My name is Kiki."

"Nice to meet you. I'm Serenity."

"That's a funny name." Kiki turned around and went back into the house, but not before waving goodbye to her new friend. Serenity waved back, but when the girl was out of sight she went back to listening for Endymion's heart beat.


~Zoicite&Mamoru~ [05 Mar 2007|09:13pm]

Mamoru watched the television passively while he dunked biscuit after biscuit into the tea he'd just sat down with, he flicked almost mindlessly between channels, settling for one every now and then, before resuming flicking 5 or so minutes later when he became bored. Mamoru wasn't even vaguely entertained by the night time broadcasting; obviously the television company were slipping in assuming only insomniacs who'd watch anything would be up at this hour. Mamoru however was not an insomniac, he simply wanted to enjoy his free time doing absolutely nothing while he could, as it wasn't that often that he had free time, and he didn't feel the least bit tired.

Finally Mamoru had ran out of biscuits, he looked at the empty packet mournfully and sighed as he took it and his empty cup to the kitchen. As he disposed of the empty packet, and washed his cup, he found himself yawning. It was past midnight, so Mamoru was glad he had the opportunity to stay in bed late the following morning.

As he usually did, Mamoru stepped out onto his small balcony before going to bed. He enjoyed the breeze, and the atmosphere helped him calm down so he was able to fall asleep pretty quickly. He yawned again, and turned his head downwards to wipe the sleepy-tears from his eyes. But as he opened his eyes, he caught sight of a familiar car pulled up in front of the apartment block. He tilted his head sideways and stared. Motoki? He saw two girls get out of the car, and recognised them at once. But that wasn't Motoki behind the wheel... Nephrite! What are they doing here? He failed to notice the glowing light of Princess Serenity, a handful of floors above his head.

Zoicite had been pacing up and down his gray hued room, and came to a sudden, abrupt halt, his head turned in the general direction of Beryl's chamber. She had ceased her mind flight, and several more people had entered the Dark Kingdom. He took a step forward, considering to go and investigate, unable to confirm their identities, though he did sense the power of a true sailor soldier. But his weakened state, and the presence of the still unconscious man on the floor forbade him from investigating, or even inquiring. To interfere with Queen Beryl's affairs would be suicide, even if he was at full strength, and he dare not risk his life for such a trivial thing when he had no idea what had transpired.

He lost himself in his thoughts, contemplating what to do next, when he heard a deep, satisfied breath from behind him. He froze. It took a moment for his brain to run through every negative scenario possible before he managed to turn around, to face the awoken Kunzite. Zoicite stared at his superior, partly from shock, but also from fear. He stood still, breathing a little heavier than he had a moment ago, as the tennou inspected his person, raising his arms, reeking of power. Former glory restored. What have I done?

He stared for a moment more, unsure what to say, but Kunzite filled  the silence, replaced it with his own voice. Good Work? Zoicite though, I have done too much, I have surpassed what was necessary. What have I done... Kunzite stood, silent again, for a moment or two more, before proceeding towards the door. Zoicite began to panic and positioned himself between Kunzite and the exit as quickly as he could.

"Kunzite!" The name rolled off his tongue like a serpent, he almost didn't say it, as though it was a name to be feared. "What are you intentions?" As weak as he was, Zoicite had still sworn an oath to his Master, an oath that he would abide by to his death, no matter what.


[05 Mar 2007|01:38pm]


Makoto was frozen to the seat. When the car stopped, she looked over to the man in the driver's seat and silently cursed him, her eyes wide in fear still and her mouth locked in a permanent expression of fright. Ami got out of the car and that was enough for Makoto to regain her sense of survival instinct. She quickly fumbled for the handle and undid her seat belt. 

It never felt so good to be standing on solid ground. She took care stepping around the car, just in case he lost the brakes.  When they were safely up on the side walk she turned to Ami with a weak smile.

"We're here?"


Okay... now *this* is the worst car ride ever. [28 Feb 2007|03:09pm]

Makoto cast a worried half smile over her shoulder to Ami. So she had been wrong, there was one other employee and he was wrecking the place, but at least he knew Motoki and where he lived.

Ami watched him flail about and tried to hold in a giggle.

Makoto turned back and threw him a nervous smile, her eyes roaming over the knocked over turtle cage, the twisted muffler, and the sprawled flyers.

"Mmm!" She nodded in agreement. "We should go soon, it's important."

Nephrite gave a plodding nod in sync with Makoto's. His eyes darted around the room, searching for... for... aha, the keys that guy had used to start the car-monster. He scooped them up in his hand as if they were a precious stone and walked past them and out the automatic doors.

Ami and Makoto gave each other a look, then followed along.

Outside, Nephrite fumbled with the locks on the lime green Beetle, then slid into the driver's seat. Ami took a seat in the back, as it was only polite to let Makoto have the passenger seat. Besides, she had some better idea of why they were looking for Chiba-kun than she did.

Their chauffeur stared at the dashboard. He flicked the plastic in front of the gauges. Everything remained powered down. He could feel frustration boiling up his spine. He slammed his fist into the guages. Nothing. He pounded on the wheel.


He threw his hands up. Scattered pedestrians glanced askew at the car, then quickly walked away. An awkward silence followed.

"Ah..." Ami said quietly.

"How do you turn this thing on?" Nephrite asked angrily, as he nearly pulled the radio's volume knob off.

The Wild RideCollapse )


He lives! [23 Feb 2007|10:18am]

Black eyes peered out from beneath his eyelids. He rose, slowly, methodically, sending messages to every inch of his body, and feeling its movement in response. He drew a breath into the depths of his lungs.

He raised his arms and inspected them. They were humming with energy, teeming with tense potential like a loaded slingshot. A smirk slid across his face.

He was back.

"Good work, Zoisite," he told the white-clad tennou.

He had to wonder how his powers matched up to what they were before, if there were any adverse side-effects, or if he'd need more training to be able to harness their full breadth. It certainly felt as though he could take on Beryl, but he was not so foolhardy to go rushing after her just after he'd been restored. He was no Endymion. He sneered at the thought. No. He was a master strategist, and as such, he needed to know his limitations. He needed a test.

Flicking his cape over his shoulder, Kunzite strode past Zoisite toward the door.


Nephrite to the Rescue [23 Feb 2007|09:06am]

Nephrite turned around and gave a wild-eyed stare to Makoto. She'd just walked right into Crown, after hours, and demanded to know where the Mas-Mamoru was. He took a quick look over both shoulders to see if Motoki had returned from his errand. There was no one. He was left to face her inquiry alone.

He tugged at the green muffler that Motoki had let him borrow (i.e. Nephrite had tormented him until he'd gotten his way) when he'd complained about the cold.

"Uh... I don't really know where he is," Nephrite looked away, then back at her, a terrified frustration in his eyes.

"Anou, is Motoki-kun here?" Ami ventured, walking out from behind Makoto.

Nephrite stood perfectly still. He didn't even draw in a breath. It was that girl again. The girl with the candy. Suddenly, it felt far too hot to have this stupid muffler on. It was ugly anyway. Why the hell was he even wearing it?!

He wrestled the green monster off his neck, bashing into Kamekichi's turtle-less cage, knocking into the cash register, and sending a pack of flyers off the counter. Finally, after nearly choking himself, he yanked it off and held it triumphantly in his shaking hand. He glared at the offending scarf, until he realized that both the girls were staring at him. Slowly, he lowered his hand, and turned back to them.

"He might be at his place. I, I can take you there if you want," he fiddled with the scarf nervously.


Beryl/Mio and Hina [22 Feb 2007|07:50am]

Mio rose from her throne as Rei entered, led by Naru. She studied her uncertain face in great detail. Hina stepped out from her left and stood next to Naru, bowing deeply.

"It's time we go fight for what's ours. We have to protect our Princess Hina and return Endymion to her. We are going to restore the peace of the world by defeating the Sailor Soldiers protecting Serenity."

Mio raised a hand, the bracelet on her wrist seemed to glitter in the darkness. As he hand went up, she called out "Metallia Power! Make Up!"

Hina followed with "Dark Moon Power! Make Up!"

The swirl of deeply colored ribbons surrounded their bodies, transforming them again. Hina's outfit was the same as before, much like a cross between Usagi's and Mercury's when she was under the control of Kunzite.

Mio's was similar in design but made of deep purple and silver coloring. She looked over at Naru and Rei, expectantly. "You know what to do."

OOC for KatCollapse )


[15 Feb 2007|03:27pm]

Makoto had to think fast, Usagi was in trouble and they needed to find Mamoru. She thought as she ran and came uo with the only person who would know where he was and was always in the same place.

She dragged Ami down the streets to Krown.

The bell sang out cheerily as they both ran through the door. Makoto smiled, out of breath, sure enough Motoki was behind the counter. She wondered if anyone else even worked here.

"We need to find Mamoru." She huffed.


Naru & Rei [09 Feb 2007|04:07pm]

"Rei-chan!" Naru called, waving cheerfully as she ran down the darkened hallway.

Rei glanced over.

"Osaka-san," she said, looking her up and down, "You joined Hina-san."

Naru smiled brightly and took Rei's hands in her own. Rei's eyes widened at the sudden familiarity, shocked to immobility.

"Of course. It's the only right thing to do, right?" she tilted her head to the side.

Rei pressed her lips together and said nothing in return.

"Come on, Mio-chan's waiting for us," she said excitedly, leading Rei down toward the throne room.

Rei deflated and let herself be led along. How was Usagi going to muster the courage to fight against her best friend? Everything would be left up to Minako - and that hadn't been going so well thus far.

They will break apart and fall.

Rei tried to breathe deeply, to clear her mind, but it felt like breathing in toxic ice clouds.

"Rei-chan's here," Naru declared their entrance.


[06 Feb 2007|04:21pm]

Beryl's orders came, and she had no choice to obey, but first she knew she needed to get help. Rei began to walk away. She pulled her cellphone out of her pocket and dialed Makoto's number. Luckily, she picked up right quickly.

"Makoto..." she said her name, and suddenly, she felt dizzy.

Conversing with the enemy? The queen won't like this.

"Come to 15th Street. Bring..."

You know what awaits you if you betray her.

Rei stumbled, and her shoulder bashed into the corner of a building. She let herself lean against it for support.


She hung up and dropped her arm to her side. It was all she could do just to breathe. She was taking a huge risk, and now all she could do was trust that Makoto and Chiba-kun could get Serenity under control.

She became aware of a pedestrian at her side, inquiring after her well-being. She waved him off, and he reluctantly left. Slowly, she made her way to the bridge and stepped through the veil separating her world from the Dark Kingdom.

Once she was inside, with the familiar purple mist rolling past her, her body began to settle down. She noted, with a trace of alarm, that she was starting to feel right here. She shook her head, put one foot in front of the other, and walked to the throne room. Rei grimaced to herself. Her footsteps echoed down the empty hallway. She didn't know who Beryl wanted her to meet, but she'd done enough skirting her orders today, any more and the deal would be off, Minako's lifeline severed, and that absolutely could not happen.


Princess Moon [05 Feb 2007|06:55pm]

As Beryl disappeared she was left with two choices. The first was to go after her and end this. The other was to see Mamoru. Unfortunately, she didn't know where he was. His apartment was the most likely location.

She looked back at Rei, who was on her phone. She didn't know what to tell her... but the voice inside her insisted they couldn't just leave her there. "I'm going to see Endymion now."

She allowed the sword in her hand to transform into a harp. As she began to play, a soft wind surrounded them, lifting her up. The ribbons on the back of her fuku began to flutter, almost like fairy wings. She was raised up, yet sitting. She could hear the voice in her mind...

Rei-chan! Rei-chan!

She wanted it to be quiet so she could finish things. If they were lucky, she could win this time. She continued to play as she floated up to the rooftops. She set her feet down on top of a very tall building, gazing out at the sea of buildings. She floated from building to building until she found the roof that contained Endymion's soul.

"Endymion..." she whispered.

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